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The Sugar Within My Coffee

Parody of A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe



Take back your packet of Sweet N’ Low!

And, stop insisting that I let go,

Of the sweet, sweet sugar I’ve come to know - 

You are wrong to insist
When I have no desire to dismiss; 
The awesomeness of pure sugar
Anything else, is a butcher,
To the original intent of sweet,
Is it still not a treat?
Stop being such a sissy
And judging the sugar within my coffee.

I stand firm amid your roars
It’s my coffee, not yours!
You could use another hobby,

Instead of being so eerily snobby - 
How stupid! Yet such a creep
Such small issue you take so deep,
Why the weep – why the weep?
I get it! You need a friend 
Maybe one with opinions you can easily bend? 
Can God even save
You from your pitiful rant and rave?
Why can’t you just let me be
Alone, to enjoy the sugar within my coffee?  

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