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Junk and Jam Live

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Junk and Jam Live Guest Starring Pop/Folk Duo Group Mojo

Featuring Pop/Folk Duo Group Mojo - Moreen Jiang Han, Vocalist and Tap, and Josephine Kyujin Cho, Vocalist and Strings.

They sit down with Host Christopher Albert for an informative interview about their music and influences, their Taiwanese and Korean backgrounds, and excitement about their future prospects.

They also play some of their amazingly lovely songs - live in the studio - as well as join Christopher for a game that challenged their knowledge of other Asian artists.


Junk and Jam Live Guest Starring Actress, Singer and Writer Sara States

Featuring Actress, Singer and Writer Sara States - who joins Host Christopher Albert for an engaging interview about her upbringing as a Korean-American who was raised by a loving Italian-American family, the exciting uptick of Asian representation in Hollywood, and her upcoming play, in which she's transforming past trauma and the loss of a brother into a true piece of work.


Sara also lends her talents to the hilarious No-No-Gwyn-O sketch in which we ask our audience - do they really need Gwyneth Paltrow in their movies? - and gets grilled in a fun game segment.


Junk and Jam Live Guest Starring Jes Davis

In this FASHIONABLY BRAND NEW EPISODE, Jes Davis - Actress, Model & Designer of TUNC by JESXDAV - joins Christopher Albert for a wondrous interview about her blooming theater, television and film career; her affinity for fashion and why her sexy designs and hand-made couture pieces are for those daring enough to challenge the norms; and she also lends her talents in sketch segments that help stretch her comedic instincts.


Junk and Jam Live Guest Starring Nicky Sunshine & Camille Theobald

Christopher Albert welcomes Stand-Up Comedians and Actresses Nicky Sunshine and Camille Theobald to the studio. They talk about everything comedy, misogyny, money problems, and play a game that may or may not require them to suck on extremely sour candy. 

BRAND NEW Junk and Jam Live Featuring Photographer Anna Auguste and Actress Shumerria Harris

In this very special episode of Junk and Jam Live - Photographer and Founder of Lensa Productions Anna Auguste dishes about her media production journey, her Haitian upbringing, her struggle to accepting her own outer beauty, and her photography project - the #ithinkyourepretty campaign - which aims to help other dark-skinned, black woman define what beauty means to them.

Writer, Director, Producer of #ActorsLife and Actress Shumerria Harris also drops by to talk about her path to success, the importance of having inspirational and supportive parents, and the challenges - and rewards - of being a working actress who also happens to be black, bold and beautiful.

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What began as a satirical online segment of graphics, memes and shareable content entitled Junk and Jam, has now evolved into a larger platform for Christopher Albert – vocal, stand-up, improv performer and writer, as well as broadcaster – to share not only his body of comedic work, but also showcase the works of other artists and performers.

Modeled after the late-night show format, Junk and Jam Live is an interactive showcase that includes humorously-crafted segments, including monologues, topical desk pieces, games, guest performances and interviews. 

Most exciting, Junk and Jam Live is shot in front of a live, energetic studio audience, at a high-tech TV studio and soundtstage located within the impressive Manhattan Neighborhood Network facilities in Manhattan, New York City. 


Junk and Jam Live was first conceived with the help of the TV engineers at the beautifully sprawling

Los Angeles Valley College campus. 

 Christopher Albert, New York writer, performer and humorist is set to emerge as one of the most eccentric, comedic personas of our day. Feel free to browse through an abundance of humorous, entertaining content, and sign up to receive updates. 


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