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The Yellow Brick Road Not Followed

Parody of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost




Four simpletons, followed a yellow-bricked-road,
So terribly sorry I did not travel with them.
But it was the girl and her dog that I loathed,
We were once in love, to be betrothed,
But she woke up one morning a lesbian.

I called the doc, who was not avail,
Referred me instead, to a Wizard.
And so I Googled without fail,
The exact coordinates of his trail,
And prayed and prayed for a blizzard.

A storm came as I wished,
And whisked my dyke friend to a foreign land.
Boy was she royally pissed,

But my ass she could have deeply kissed,
Because she ruined all that we had planned.

No one there in Oz knew what a lesbian was,
Not even the Tin Man, who had a vagina for a heart.
But the Wiz and all the wonderful things he does,
Introduced her to a witch who also professed her love,
And ever since - we have remained apart.


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