The Yellow Brick Road Not Followed

Parody of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost




Four simpletons, followed a yellow-bricked-road,
So terribly sorry I did not travel with them.
But it was the girl and her dog that I loathed,
We were once in love, to be betrothed,
But she woke up one morning a lesbian.

I called the doc, who was not avail,
Referred me instead, to a Wizard.
And so I Googled without fail,
The exact coordinates of his trail,
And prayed and prayed for a blizzard.

A storm came as I wished,
And whisked my dyke friend to a foreign land.
Boy was she royally pissed,

But my ass she could have deeply kissed,
Because she ruined all that we had planned.

No one there in Oz knew what a lesbian was,
Not even the Tin Man, who had a vagina for a heart.
But the Wiz and all the wonderful things he does,
Introduced her to a witch who also professed her love,
And ever since - we have remained apart.


 Christopher Albert, New York writer, performer and humorist is set to emerge as one of the most eccentric, comedic personas of our day. Feel free to browse through an abundance of humorous, entertaining content, and sign up to receive updates. 


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