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Still She Cries

Parody of Still I Rise by Maya Angelou



You may shut the door behind you, 

Locking her in successfully after three tries.

You may run downstairs hastily,
But still, like dying elephants, your daughter cries.

Did her birthday doll upset her?
Is she now that spoiled to the core?

You’re just a secretary after all,
It’s all you could afford.

Like Jack Nicholson’s performance in The Shining,
Your daughter’s screams are sharp as knives.
Like John Travolta who has never won an Oscar,
Still, she cries.

Does she want to see you break it?
Snapped head and gouged-out eyes?
She’s lucky you don’t burn her toy chest,
Like you did to your DVD box-set of Family Ties.

Are you worried you’ll offend her, 
If you smack her awfully hard? 
‘Cause I think you really should show her,
How much she’s being an absolute ‘tard.

She may throw tantrums and vases,
As tears fill up her her eyes.
She may try to swallow pills left behind,
Which could be fatal if she dies.

What were you thinking, 
To stock her room with those deadly supplies? 
Perhaps you need to think it through, 
Before her safety, you compromise. 

You’re a mother who’s filled with shame,
Because still, your daughter cries.
You didn’t mean to cause her pain,
But still, she cries.


She’s bratty and snide,
Regardless of what you or daddy buys.  
She wants it all – and year after year, 
She cries.

Wait until she finds out daddy’s a queer,
She cries.

She’s unappreciative of anything you ever gave,
With the money you worked for like a slave.

She cries.

She cries.

She cries.


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