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The Kettle Black

The Chronicles of Mia and Rocco


What is The Kettle Black and who are Mia & Rocco?

The Kettle Black is the story of two Hollywood best friends, Mia and Rocco, who like many of us, find themselves struggling to discover where their rightful place is in this world. Unlike many of us however, their search for happiness, success and peace of mind is on a direct collision course with the lives of the many celebrity counterparts, colleagues and frenemies they associate with. As main staples of the Hollywood scene, they too are subjected to the world’s watchful eyes – only they haven’t had to sell their souls to the E! Television network to garner any interest.


Mia’s quest to find true love is hindered by her lack of trust and scorn for men, at the very least, until she can find a way to uncover the absolute truth about her famous father’s identity. Meanwhile, Rocco’s parentless adulthood has left him uncertain about his own future, and lacks the self-assurance to decide, pursue or commit to anything.  


Ultimately, The Kettle Black is based on the idea that we, as a collective audience, will continue to praise those who have sacrificed their private lives for the public’s display, so as long as they keep fulfilling our escapist nature with works of art that remain subjectively relevant. In turn, we’ll also enjoy mocking, judging and critiquing our fellow famed species whenever their backs are to the wall.


Pedestals were made high for a reason, and with one small slip, anyone perched up there can quickly come crashing down; just by simply reminding us, that they, are also human.

However did you come up with such foolishness?

With a joint being passed down from two comrades, The Kettle Black was born. Mia and Rocco were to live their lives out for the world to see as a Web-Series, and so scripts were also born. From there…well…have you ever tried getting anything done with other stoners? Not just any stoners – but stoners with other things to do?


From this came the great idea of transcribing their lives into a full-fledged novel. Without the need of a cameraman, actors, or quality special-effects, in addition to a non-existing budget, my imagination was free to explore, uninhibitedly, in a literary world that knows no bounds.  

How long have you worked on The Kettle Black?

My God, that’s a great question. It’s been a few years. The characters needed time to grow, and I needed time to get to know them. Also – writing a book can be daunting if you wake up every day wishing it would just write itself – which of course, it never does. Such a shame too, otherwise my novel would have been completed days ago!

You sure drop a lot of names within your novel. Are you relying on “the Celebrity” to sell more copies?

Before answering that, I’d like to state for the record, that there would most likely be NO film, NO television and NO radio, if it not were for the masterful work of a WRITER. The one who composes the plot, dialogue, lyrics and notes needed to make these celebrities who they are today. I’d even argue that by including some of these very-well-known-faces of Hollywood in my fiction novel, I’m actually making some of them MORE interesting. 


But to truthfully answer that question – NO – I do not rely solely on dropping celebrity names for a sell! My book also depends on the vast amount of funny sounding words included in it, such as: treehouse-ary, festooned, shenanigans, hodgepodge and pussywillow.

Are you worried about being sued?

Not really. It’s satire. Some of my favorite shows do it all the time – use real people, and maybe an actual surrounding event, then blur the facts with fictitious storytelling, dialogue and jokes.


Some shows that have gotten away with speaking the same language as I do are: Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, Absolutely Fabulous, The Golden Girls, The Biggest Loser and Leave it to Beaver.

So what now?

YOU tell me!

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