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Make your speech memorably funny. Your audience of peers or colleagues may not respond well to the doldrums of just business jargon alone. They surely won’t remember the details of the outstanding quarter of sales you all just had. Keep the momentum of morale going with language that everyone could understand – LAUGHTER.  



Punctuate anything – an essay, an anecdote or presentation – with some GAGS! Let me help you punch up your already great work. 



Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding or a celebration of acquittal, burning the people you love makes a great gift! Not only is it highly original and FUNNY, but you and your roast will be talked about lovingly, long after the event is over. You’ll be remembered as the second most important person in the room (take that Mother-in-Law)! Bonus: The guest of honor can treasure it forever – we’ll frame it.



Even the internet has not been able to stop the public’s enjoyment of a physical salutation. Let’s create something personal, original and devastatingly funny for the person you love. May it be for a birthday, anniversary, baby shower or a coming-out, let them know just how much you care with an adoringly WITTY sentiment.



You are the coolest person you know, so why not let everyone know just how cool you are with a CLEVERLY written and designed Tee on your back!



Saying goodbye can be the hardest thing to do. In the midst of funeral arrangements and mourning our loved ones, we can forget the most important thing – to CELEBRATE their life. Coming from a big family myself, I know all too well the feeling of being surprisingly forced to face the reality of our own mortality. It's taken me some time, but I've learned the art of letting go, and how to articulate feelings that also help others find SOLACE as well. Sharing some of your most favorite, funny moments and stories you and the dearly departed have shared, is not only consoling, but it also reaffirms the great life that awesome person has lived.



Add some personality to your marketing material by jazzing up its content and context. Your website may be informative, but it may also lack a few personal touches that will keep your audience and potential consumers engaged. It’s a no brainer – people love to SMILE. Let me help you produce marketing assets that can do just that. Sure you’re reputable, but your brochure is a bore.  



At the end of the day, I am also a seasoned performer. Whether it’s to host or entertain at your next event, I’m a professional who is prompt and tact, and will help you provide your guests with a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE. I’ve entertained children and adults of all ages. From teaching pottery and making necklaces with 7-year-old girls, to playing Santa Claus at Christmas functions and hosting Bingo Night at a nursing home, I have acquired the innate ability to connect with just about anyone (who is human). Having FUN is always the objective. You’ll already have enough on your plate – you shouldn’t have to worry about your guests having a great time! Heck – I can even help decorate. (Isn't that what all good performers do?)



There’s no limit to my imagination. If you can DREAM it, I can help you make it COME TRUE. 

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