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Production & Entertainment

Junk and Jam Live

Coming Soon, 2015/2016:

What happens when you take the content from my Junk and Jam segments, combine them with stand-up, special guest performances, audience games and music?


We shall all find out soon enough! Stay tuned.  


Live Stand-Up Comedy 


The most fun thing about producing live comedy showcases was not the handling of the logistics, booking the acts, securing and managing the venues, updating calendars, copyediting websites, or even the discounted - if not free - alcoholic beverages. No, not at all. The most fun I had was greeting, meeting, performing for and talking to the many wonderful patrons who came to support and enjoy the wonderful craft of comedy. Without their laughs, our shows would have just been stand-ups who cried on stage. In other words - open-mics. 


There's really only one thing I enjoy more than the audience: their unclaimed stuff left in lost-and-found. 

Come and Get These Memories



One of my favorite projects that I helped to produce was Come and Get These Memories, a Motown Revue. Not only did it afford me the honor of working on, in and around the legendary Apollo Theater and stage, but I also got to work with some of today's most notable singers and songwriters,  Edwin Lil' Eddie Serrano and Claude Kelly, as well as legends Mary Wilson of The Supremes and Roberta Flack. 


Other than casting, stagehand, choreography and performing, I even designed the promotional graphic you see here. There was nothing humorous about the production. Just entertaining, fun and magical.  

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