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So glad for you to join us.

("US" as in Christopher Albert and the many people he sees himself as, when he takes a good long look in the mirror.

Doctors have called this phenomenon "quite common, and natural.")

Thanks for asking.

Everything You Never Knew Before Now




November has been a great month so far.

Look out for future updates in regards to my very small role in NBC's new show

State of Affairs.


In the meantime check out the new Chronicles of Mia & Rocco excerpt.

For a peak at an entire chapter, sign up for my newsletter!


There's also new Junk & Jam graphics! What fun!


As always, if you or anyone you may know are looking to have a good time

with adventurous laughter - contact me!

Long story short, I entered into a contest to win dance classes for my husband - creating a graphic using his photo - AND WE WON!! 


Thanks to Millenium Dance Complex for choosing our entry as one

of the winning entries! 


How kick-ass is that!!! 







Lots of amazing things in the works, both professionally and personally. 

I'd like to first congratulate my other half for making it yet another month attached to yours truly. 


Though we have been together for a number of years, we all know the difficulty it can be to live up to the expectations of MARRIAGE (roll thunderous sounds). 

Luckily - all of that is all creation of our own minds, and our loved ones have already accepted us for who we are. Flaws and all (take that Beyonce'). 


CHEERS to him! Cheers to US!



My novel The Kettle Black: The Chronicles of Mia & Rocco has taken new life, 

and is coming along quite seemlessly (minus the seems busting out of my socks). 


I love sharing my (their) progress, so please visit for updates, quotes, excerpts and more. 


Right now VOTING is still open to decide on a snazzy new book cover for the Hollywood pair. Help me decide how their mayhem should be presented. 




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