Asked Questions


Who the hell is this guy and what makes him qualified?


I’m a writer and humorist. I live, breathe and eat laughs for breakfast. Though my doctor insists it’s the cause of my on-going heartburn, I can’t help but to dine on it daily.


For a more accurate account as to who I am, what I do and what makes me qualified, please visit my BIO, and/or request my PORTFOLIO and RESUME, respectively.



How much does this clowns services cost?


Let me first assure you, I am no clown. The tri-colored wig that sits atop my head is natural.


To answer your question: each project demands its own specific amount of time, effort and resources, which in turn stipulates the overall bottom line.


A FREE CONSULTATION will help put all your inquiries and needs into perspective.


*P.S. I’m totally affordable.



Yes, but, are you any good?


Don't take my word for it. Some TESTIMONIALS can shed some light on that. 



I have a last minute engagement next week, how quickly can we churn out the funnies?


  Once a thorough assessment of what you need is completed, and any information that I may need is acquired, we can compose material to successfully impress your audience, within a swift and reasonable time frame.


*P.S. I believe the word churn is funny as is, wouldn't you agree? 



I’m not good at public speaking, can you HELP?


Absolutely. We can either coach you through your anxiety on a private stage within a private space, or I can deliver it for you.








 Christopher Albert, New York writer, performer and humorist is set to emerge as one of the most eccentric, comedic personas of our day. Feel free to browse through an abundance of humorous, entertaining content, and sign up to receive updates. 


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