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Asked Questions


Who the hell is this guy and what makes him qualified?


I’m a writer and humorist. I live, breathe and eat laughs for breakfast. Though my doctor insists it’s the cause of my on-going heartburn, I can’t help but to dine on it daily.


For a more accurate account as to who I am, what I do and what makes me qualified, please visit my BIO, and/or request my PORTFOLIO and RESUME, respectively.



How much does this clowns services cost?


Let me first assure you, I am no clown. The tri-colored wig that sits atop my head is natural.


To answer your question: each project demands its own specific amount of time, effort and resources, which in turn stipulates the overall bottom line.


A FREE CONSULTATION will help put all your inquiries and needs into perspective.


*P.S. I’m totally affordable.



Yes, but, are you any good?


Don't take my word for it. Some TESTIMONIALS can shed some light on that. 



I have a last minute engagement next week, how quickly can we churn out the funnies?


  Once a thorough assessment of what you need is completed, and any information that I may need is acquired, we can compose material to successfully impress your audience, within a swift and reasonable time frame.


*P.S. I believe the word churn is funny as is, wouldn't you agree? 



I’m not good at public speaking, can you HELP?


Absolutely. We can either coach you through your anxiety on a private stage within a private space, or I can deliver it for you.








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