Even Minions Play Nice

How positive interactions with others can add more value to theirs, and our own life. 



We interact daily: at home with our loving family, at work with respected colleagues or the wonderful staff at the dental office, who carefully prepare us for the best thing to happen since Netflix - a root canal. If like me, your last visit to an oral surgeon was underscored by timely service and pleasant small-talk, from an even more courteous team, then what you walked away with was a positive experience, and not a negative one. In turn, that appointment added some value to your life, and subconsciously, you can now associate your Dentist with a positive feeling. Rather than harboring a sense of trauma, you have left more empowered, and fearless than when you first arrived.


Using that idea of exemplary customer service, we can make our own daily interactions with others more valuable. For example, a lost stranger in a state of panic may come up to you, looking for a way to get to Universal Studios Hollywood, you can either offer her a fairly negative reply of “Get out of my way lady, I’m already late,” which is no way to treat a woman, or something more like “Sorry, I’m not quite sure,” in which case is neutral, and won’t impact either of your experiences here or there. However, as I trust you would, you can offer her a positive reply: “Sure, let me just look up directions on my phone. You’re going to love it there.” Even if you truly hated going there, because you just can’t say no to your children when they request another Minions purchase, the latter not only suggests that doing something more positive adds value to other person’s experience, but also for you, the individual who decided to share some of their treasured time and positivity.


 (Photo : Sonny Abesamis | Flickr)



The simple act of showing others that we care about their time and existence, can overwhelmingly enrich and add value to their lives, even if just in that moment. Another person can now associate you with a positive sentiment, and who knows where you’ll meet them next. So whether you’re stuck in traffic or delayed on the subway, take the time to make your interactions with others more positive. And if trapped on an elevator, do your best to show that you value the other people on board as well, by not letting your perfume bottle get the best of you.


Remember, we could all be doing something more valuable with our time than being surrounded by optimistically-challenged people - like reading a book, or changing a baby’s diaper. If you’re unsure as to how negative interactions with others could impact your own life experiences, please defer to this article courtesy of CBS News: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/recruiter-man-cussed-me-out-on-train-then-showed-up-for-interview/



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