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Artists. Creators. Muses. 

The following compilations are a small glimpse into the many pieces of work, and their composers, that have, and continue to inspire, influence and entertain me. These lists are by no means complete, and as someone who is aware that all forms of art are a matter of taste and subjectivity, I fully expect criticism - as the originator and their material were once prone to. I stand by my choices, so by all means, save your thoughts for your own lists. 



The world would be amiss without the craft of the written word. Howevever described: Author, Writer or Wordsmith, it's probably best to conclude that without any of these, the categories to follow would ceast to exist.




Comedic Performers


Sure theater is cool, and who doesn't love a good opera? But let's be real, life had many obstacles and curveballs planned for me. There was no better medium than comedy, to help cope through the pain. 




It's a dream come true. And perfect combination: writing + comedy = great television. I love it all - the jokes, satire, spoofs, parodies, social commentary, sarcasm, dark, blue and the sheer absurdity.      




I haven't always escaped to just humor. These artists and their bodies of work have allowed me to understand, emote and articulate many feelings throughout my lifetime. Everything from sadness and joy, to love and other cliche's.  




Americans have become used to their appetite for fancy, CGI-heavy blockbuster summer action films, but thankfully, there are still many more substantial films to watch, other than X-Men, Avengers or Twilight.  


 Christopher Albert, New York writer, performer and humorist is set to emerge as one of the most eccentric, comedic personas of our day. Feel free to browse through an abundance of humorous, entertaining content, and sign up to receive updates. 


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